Our Services

Invest with Confidence at Yeramba Estates - More than Land Sales

At Yeramba Estates, our commitment to you goes beyond land sales.

We understand that investing in property is not just about acquiring a piece of land; it’s about safeguarding your investment and offering you opportunities to grow in the property sector. Our suite of services is designed to protect your investment and nurture your growth within the industry.


We offer a range of additional services to cater for your needs.

Property Sales

Our team of licensed real estate professionals offer expert assistance in buying and selling homes, ensuring seamless transactions for both buyers and sellers.

Landscape & Garden Maintenance

Protect your investment with comprehensive landscape and garden maintenance services, including fencing, ground maintenance, slashing, even mowing and weed control.

Real Estate Consultation

Whether you're a seasoned investor or a first-time buyer, we provide professional advice and guidance on property investments and market trends for informed decision-making.

Home Valuation

Accurate property valuation services to determine the market value of homes and commercial properties. Our consultants provide personalised guidance to help you make informed decisions.

Investment Properties

Identifying lucrative investment opportunities, including rental properties and real estate development projects, tailored to your financial goals.