Warnervale Town Centre – 15 years of updates and promises

While new subdivisions flourish in the adjoining Precinct 7a, the necessary infrastructure of new shopping district and community recreation areas at Warnervale Town Centre may fall behind the demand from these new residents. The entry road is now complete, and Sparks Road upgrade is working well. So what of Warnervale Town Centre? And Warnervale North train station?

Central Coast Council administrator Ian Reynolds and his staff continue to liaise with Woolworths about their future plans for the Woolworths site, with a Woolworths spokesperson advising “the company remains committed to the Warnervale Town Centre site. Timeline is being confirmed and the community will be updated in due course”.

Urban Growth – Landcom – have now sold their residential holding so it seems logical the new purchaser will begin works soon.

A Transport for NSW spokesman said the North Warnervale railway station was a “potential project” and would be progressed when there was “sufficient demand”.